BREAKING NEWS – PAO affects your rent!

Apartment rents show first decline in over 5 years | Reuters .

The news story you see above is from a 3rd party news source. They aren’t that bright and clearly don’t read PAO to get their facts. 

To fill you in – the real story here is not that rent is dropping in Boston – though that is a miracle – it is WHY. The news story draws some baseless conclusions, using terms like “snowballs”, “vacancies”, various numbers and digits, “landlords” and “Victor Calong”. Well, Vic, you are a smart guy, I know since the last time we played chess you beat me silly. So what’s the real cause of rent drops? One big reason is people becoming unstoppable, by reading PAO! PAO readers also have incredible health to boot – in fact we’re well on our way to creating a new step in evolution.  Traits like these, as well as our seamless integration of captivating videos creates a veritable army of geniuses – our readers. 

So you heard it hear – read more PAO, and get your rent lowered.