[Monday Music Madness] Clownly Clown Clown

Somehow, someway – the Worst Stuff of All Time has joined forces with Tasty Broads – for the first and possibly only time evah! Unfortunately the tasty-meter is at like, 0.2 . Not overly tasty, but I suppose in 1956 or whenever this piece of shit was made, they were.

Our loyal cronies:

  • anyone who could point me in the direction to find “what is it?” message/ comment me
  • Crispin Glover: Professional Crazy Person.
  • I would rather spend my time projectile vomiting than listening anymore of this. We have Primus for this type of weirdness…
  • Oh my god its George McFly!
  • God damn, I hate Mr. Far. I mean, what an asshole. Thinks he’s cool cause he wears platform boots. But Crispin and this video are both cool.
  • that was both awesome and confusing…. i love it!