[Review] Lance® Toast CheeTM Crackers

When you think of Lance, for most of you, a member of ‘N Sync comes to mind… for Pineappleope.com, LANCE® snacks. Members of the PAO Food and Drug Administration (PAOFDA) got their grubby hands on a package of Lance® Toast CheeTM Crackers – real Penut Butter. The PAOFDA developed a completely encompassing review…
lance peanut butter crackers
Category Ratings:
*each score is out of a possible 10 – reviewers were drinking Tab the diet drink introduced in 1963 during the review
Taste: 7
Satisfaction: 7
Looks: 7.5
Consistency: 7
Packaging: 7
Name: 7
As a Lunch Food: 7
As a Dinner Food: 7
As Breakfast: 6.7


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