‘08 XMAS COUNTDOWN! : 17 days left, 7 shopping days left!

The Pineappleope.com ’08 XMAS COUNTDOWN continues. As the wait for christmas xmas comes to a close, Pineappleope.com manages to continue to count down the days and shopping days until xmas, usually one of the most anticipated holidays of the year this year being no different. With only 17 days left, 7 shopping days left on the countdown, there is not much time.

As you enjoy the quality time you have set aside in your day for heated Pineappleope.com reading/discussion, take notice that Pineappleope.com does offer some exciting products perfect for the holiday. To find these quicker, the Team at Pineappleope.com has created a Link on the left hand nav called “Christmas Wish List“. Keep in mind when clicking the “Christmas wish List” link, you have used the PAO left nav, one of the most difficult pieces of web equipment of all time (read: scst left nav).

Click the link below for a Top Notch Videos Christmas Edition
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