[Role Playing] PAO LARP Day 2010 – Live-Blogging!

Welcome to LARP Day 2010. McChill (PAO LARP champion ’05,’07,’08,’09) and his team, Assilsa, take on team Sundassa. Battle is to commence at 11am CST.

McChill - PAO LARP Champion, 4 years running. Captain of team Assilsa

10:33 – Stakes are High today as warriors prepare for the ultimate 8 hour fantasy quest, PAO LARP Day 2010! Reigning champion McChill defends his title as he and his crew take on a handful of half-wit noobs and four experienced LARPers

10:40 – Battle warriors are making final preparations, gluing extra shielding, sharpening swords

10:47 – The officials are stretching

10:48 – McChills has put his team to work diggin trenches

10:51 – Looks like the officials are itching to start the battle

10:59 – Officials have made it clear the fight will start at 11, on the dot.

11:00 – FIGHT! It is On!

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