The Pineappleope Spirit

Today our intrepid leader became a living symbol of the commitment PAO leadership has for brining pineappleopiness to readers everywhere. Despite gale-force sleepiness and deafening alarm clock tones, our Editor-at-large rose at the bloody crack in order to be here for an important SEO meeting. SEO, for those that don’t know, stands for Salad a la Endive with Oil, and promises to drive our brand of hard hitting crack pipes and unvarnished crack reporting to even more of you, the unwashed masses. His arrival time was probably close to 9am, which is at least an hour earlier than anyone has ever been before.

New SEO work could renew talks of a partnership with the Brazilian UFO Research Network (BURN). BURN made headlines last month after failing a hostile takeover attempt of Pineappleope Industries Limited, the holding company for Sources inside BURN have said the group is still open to a merger and/or acquisition.
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