Grooming Yourself – Tips On Monday Vol.3

dog-wig1 Scientists and Researchers alike, report, “You are judged by the way you look”. You may have an IQ of 180, but if you don’t dress the part, you don’t have the 180 IQ. To survive, it is vitally important that you invest all your time in your appearance. This will open up opportunity to take down any and all females or trannys, whichever, your preference.

Step 1: Get the best haircut money can buy

Step 2: Take showers

Step 3: Brush your teeth. If a brush is not available, remove most of, if not all, the moss on your teeth

Step 4: Remove excess hair. Keep the mustache

Step 5: Invest in a pair of the best shoes

Step 6: Wear cologne, overdo it. You want to overpower everyone

Step 7: Invest your money in lip balm

Step 8: Stay fit. You need to have to have out of control muscles to keep you in control.


Remember, you are judged by the way you look. A sloppy appearance can cost you your dreams. Follow these steps, you will see vast improvement.