[Health] Japanese Discover Cure for Cold Symptoms

Colds have been a bother for millennia. Not anymore, well… at least not in Japan, for now. Japanese scientists have discovered the only known way to 100% fight off cold symptoms. Available at most Wallgreens located in Japan.

You may want to travel to Japan if you… Got a raspy cough? Can’t stop sneezing? Maybe you feel achy and fatigued.

….Chances are you have a cold.

Manhole Monday

Pineappleope.com employees were severely effected by manhole explosions early this morning. No heat, No electric, No internet, No hot water, no lights. We here at Pineappleope.com discussed the options of half-day, day-off, or full work day sans showering (for some of us con sensitive teeth, sans brushing teeth). Obviously, executive decisions were made, we are in the office.

“…Resorted to dusting off ‘stache of late 80’s nudimags to build strength and achieve mental balance for work … It was like man VS wild, sorry I was late” -CHINEESEYES

Good news we here at pineappleope.com do not lose a full day revenue. Unfortunately, when contacted, authorities do not know exactly when or IF the situation will be resolved today. We will keep you posted.

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