[Celeb Profile] Tennis Pro and Cocaine Enthusiast Martina Hingis

martina hingis boobs
Martina Hingis is done with tennis, shes Mostly known for her tennis skills. Why is she done tennis? Because of the lesser known fact is that Martina is a cocaine enthusiast.

*Martina Hingis tested positive for cocaine during Wimbledon in 2007
*Martina Hingis denied using the drug
*Martina Hingis was banned from tennis for two years for the cocaine offense
*Martina Hingis throws in her tennis towel and will not return to the sport after the ban

She said: ““My only performance enhancer is love of the game.”…. “and a little blow between sets”, claims our unnamed inside source.

Hingis is also well known for usually being outspoken and “sharp-tongued.” Probably due to cocaine binges on, and off the court.

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A BBQ Conundrum

gristle beard
Gosh,  the humanity. Yesterday, to celebrate the Inaugauration in style, we brought in tons of smoked meats and slathered ribs and luscious side dishes for PAO staff to enjoy while they hooted and hollered. Problem is, that BBQ was so damn good that I thought about it all night. Even while contemplating my day before drifting off to dreamland with the stereo on eleven, I was still salivating about that barbecue. I am pretty sure I ejaculated barbecue sauce in the middle of the night. It is now 9AM. There are tons of leftovers in the staff kitchen. I want to be in there, elbow deep in a holy spicy tangy ambrosia. While everyone is making their coffee, I will be pulling gristle out of my beard… yum…