[Drugs on a Plane] Woman Tries Flying With Suitcases Made of Cocaine #drugrunner #smuggle

suitcase cocainePAO’s Chile Branch is reporting to PAO HQ that a Argentine woman tried to smuggle cocaine to Spain via cocaine suitcases. Santiago, Chile Police say two suitcases carried by the woman were made of cocaine.

Detective Leandro Morales at the Santiago airport stated the now obvious that the drug “was not hidden in the luggage. This time the suitcases were the drug.” Morales tells PAO South America that the suitcases were made of a substance combining cocaine with resin and glass fiber.

It is unknown whether snorting the actual suitcase would give you the cocaine high you are used to. It is also unknown if anyone on earth has nostrils which could snort the suitcases, as they were your typical suitcase size.

Pineappleope.com reps. asked cocaine users in the cocaine network what one would do with a cocaine suitcase. According to addicts a “chemical process” could be used to separate out the drug.

Needless to say the 26-year-old Argentine woman was arrested.