[Scientific Tuesdays a Day Late] Trip on Acid with Milk

8th Grade Science class said what:

– whoah man next time i drop´╗┐ acid im getting some milk

– i feel like a lot of the things do doesn’t work…. like its all made up and they enjoy just fucking with everyone who tries doing these things

– holy shit its looks like a retard embryo

– It looks better if you take.
1 cup bleach
1 cup liquid plummer
1 cup alcohol
It makes this cool colored foam that floats to the ceiling

PAO Xmas Update! Last Minute Shopping!

Damn this season is going fast! Here at PAO, we’ve been in a drunken stupor since Tgiving, so we KNOW how fast the shopping season is going. Well, we are kind of aware. Let’s be honest – you are past the shipping deadlines for most retailers – WAY past. Christmas is so close I can smell the deer crap on my roof.

You’ve got that special girl in your life, but its too late to shop for her.. PAO to the rescue! We have the gift that every girl wants.. check it out on the next page!

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