[Holidays] Office Birthday Parties

Office workers have to celebrate birthdays with discretion and good planning.Throwing a party takes time, and there may be more than one employee celebrating a birthday in one day. Having a set plan or a list of ideas of how to have a meaningful office birthday celebration is the best way to be successful.

Researchers at PAO questioned 45 humans, with ages ranging from 14 to 62. Each human gave their top 30 Office Birthday ideas. After Tallying each result. Calculating every response. Number crunching every statistic… the number 1 office party idea is …


If the company you work for is top, like PAO, they will offer to pay upwards of $2000 for an office birthday party at a restaurant during lunch time. Make it a common ritual where everyone goes out for every person’s birthday. Free food. This type of office birthday celebration doesn’t requires decent funding since ya’ll will be slugging brews, margaritas, and scotch. It will also provide an opportunity for co-workers to spend time together and relate outside the working environment.

…there are living Office Birthday Lunch HATERS… those who have GRIPES about partying during work…

You see, I’m a faithful brown bagger. The majority of my colleagues go out to lunch every day, but there’s usually one of two fellow brown baggers who stay behind. It’s someone different every day, but I usually have someone to eat with me. But today is someone’s birthday, so I’m eating alone.” – Jon Thompson

Saying no to the birthday lunch is no easy feat. In addition to the email reminders I’ve received for the past few days, about 10 people stopped by my desk this morning to remind me. “It’s Susan’s birthday today! I know you normally bring a lunch, but you’re coming today, right?” I politely declined. “You’re not coming? Oh, come on, you can eat leftovers any day! It’s Susan’s birthday!” Through all the pressure, I stood my ground. Not easy considering the fact that birthday lunch pressure is even greater than the everyday pressure to go out to eat. “ – IdontlikeSusan@gmail.com

Many people just cannot fathom why I wouldn’t want to join them. They think that if they ask me several times with varying degrees of insistence, I might change my mind. Some people get downright pushy. While I appreciate the invitations, enough is enough.” – Derek

It’s hard to say no, especially when people act dumbstruck. They have a point. Who doesn’t enjoy getting out of the office to enjoy a nice lunch? I know I do. But I’ve made a commitment to save money, and unnecessary restaurant meals were the first thing to go. We have plenty to eat at home, and it costs a fraction of what I would pay at a restaurant. If I don’t draw the line at this birthday, then when will I? If we don’t set limits and stick to them, then what’s the point of setting limits?” – Carla Panther