[Wednesday Jams] Tetris Jams!!! Chicks love Tetris. Grandmas, especially.

Major LDAP.

  • Who new? Well now when I piss of girls I can avoid catching a beating by singing this.
  • *is a chick* I suck at Tetris…and I really don’t like it much either…XD My mom is really good at it and loves it though, lol.
  • ehm ShUFFleEmOoOxD i have just a comment for ya’
    1st: i never said it sucked
    2nd: i AM a girl, don’t really care if you believe it or not, it’s your choice. Just because i don’t like Tetris you don’t believe i’m a girl? That’s kinda lame in my opinion… And why exactly would I want to pretend being a girl that doesn’t like Tetris…? That’s just… stupid…
    and 3rd: i didn’t get “mad”… wtf? i was just giving my opinion, geez…