[HOT] Form 2 Sex Toy Leaves Fleshbot Satisfied – is this what Carrie Prejean used in her video??

One can only speculate.. but if we were the gambling sort, we’d definitely wager that this was the sex toy Carrie Prejean uses in her homemade sex video. Carrie was not available to comment unfortunately.


JimmyJane is referring to the Form 2 as a rabbit vibe (and given its resemblance to a certain Sanrio character, it’s not hard to see why). But don’t be fooled: this isn’t the Rabbit Pearl you’re dealing with. The Form 2 is a world away from the toy that was the toast of the “Sex and the City” set.

Form 2 Sex Toy Leaves Fleshbot Satisfied (NSFW) – Form 2 sex toy review – Gizmodo.