REVIEW TIME: Chicken Bacon Ranch from Dominos

chicken bacon ranch review
There comes a point in ones life when you would like to order some food because you ain’t got none at your residence. It happens this happened last night. A chicken bacon ranch sandwich from dominos was delivered and ate.

Dominos, while known for its tubesteakhamburgerzzafest pizza, makes a limited selection of sandwiches which are toasted. We had the chance to test the chicken bacon ranch.

The sandwich came in a box, similar to the pizza boxes from dominos, but smaller as you can imagine. So opening the sandwich was not much of a problem. One word of caution to our readers, if you are not familiar with pizza box, you may find the sandwich box tricky, to say the least.

Chicken Bacon Ranch itself was a trip. The bread tasted like bread sticks, the cheese was melted. There was a little bacon, not as much as I expected though, which definitely lost the sandwich a couple points. There was some ranch flavoring as well. The ranch didnt really make much of a difference, tastewise. Even if you dont like ranch, this sandwich won’t kill you, as there is little ranch flavoring. There was some chicken in the sandwich too, but you couldnt really tell.

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