[Live-Blogging] Codzilla Day


“Hold on to your hats. It’s Codzilla!”Codzilla website

Six lucky Pineappleope.com employees were granted one group wish for winning the PAO Easter contest earlier this year. The six lucky PAO employees unanimously group wished for a Codzilla Day!

Our wish was granted… with one stipulation, the event must be live-blogged…

10:25am: We’re waiting for our transportation to Codzilla outside Pineappleope.com East offices

10:27am: Still waiting, its sunny outside. Looks like Codzilla Day will be a success weatherwise

10:42am: Just got picked up by a cherry red mustang, Seven of us (including the driver) crammed into the vehicle

10:49am: I can barely breath, so tight in the car sitting bitch

11:29am: Stuck in traffic, looks like Ted Kennedy traffic, oh ted

11:50am: We made it, 40 minutes till CODZILLA

12:11pm: 4 of us got churros for a snack. i hope does not induce vomiting on ‘zilla

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