[Results] Most People Believe Tiger Woods Laid More than 25 Women During His Marriage

According to a new poll, most humans believe Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with over 25 women. ‘Woods popularity was also surveyed in the poll which shows his popularity has plummeted in the weeks since his now-infamous car crash and infidelity admission, according to a new poll.

In the survey conducted December 16-20, Woods’ favorable rating dropped to 34 percent. That compares to a rating of 60 percent in early December, days after Woods’ crash.
In 2005, the star golfer’s favorable rating was at 85 percent.

When asked how many women Tiger was believed to have slept with during his Marriage, the results came as quite a shock. 87 percent of people surveyed believe Tiger had sexual relations with over 25 women. While 7 percent believe ‘Woods laid more than 40 women and less than 2 percent answered that the “Tiger Woods Scandal” is a hoax.

Views of women and men differed; 81 percent of men still liked Woods, compared with 13 percent of women, the poll showed.