Che Guevara’s Granddaughter Poses Topless for PETA

Just yesterday, PETA tried to jump on the coattails of the cat killer case by pushing their anti-dissection agenda, but we’ve got a feeling the fallout from their latest stunt is really going to make certain corners of Miami explode with outrage.

They’ve convinced Lydia Guevara, granddaughter of Che and a vegetarian, to pose topless for a campaign with stylistic nods to her infamous granddad. In a preview pic obtained by El Mundo, Lydia is decked out in Che’s famous red beret, a set of carrots displayed like bullets in a bandoleer covering her breasts, and holding up a fist.

The campaign, PETA’s first foray into Spanish marketing, will debut later this year in South America, and an English version is planned. No word on whether they plan on putting a billboard up over Calle Ocho.

Miami – Riptide 2.0 – Che Guevara’s Granddaughter Poses Topless for PETA.