[Facebook] Hooking up with Chicks on Facebook

chatting online with babesContinuing our facebook romancing coverage. This email was sent to our overseas correspondent, Rambo, from a facebook chick he’s been talking to for a mere 7 days. Keep in mind, they’ve been chatting online for 7days… never met in person. Email for Facebook tips: tips@pineappleope.com

good morning handsome.

I hope your sleep was restful. Its a new day!

You know that I deactivated my Facebook only after a few months because i just couldn’t take it.. it wasn’t really my cup of tea, anyone whos close to me knows that i was completely ANTI-facebook… hated it, and thought is was stupid and pointless. my take was, If i really cared about some of these people i would have found them… or they would already be in my life.

well, turns out, reactivating turned out to be a VERY good decision. it lead me to you…

NOW .. i would like to kiss (on the mouth) every single person/creator responsible for this freakin site!

Still something tells me though, just from our conversations that ultimately we would have probably at some point HAVE to knock into each other.. from johnson, to pell mell, st. mary’s..ihs, and then now… living almost parallel to each other in a way Continue reading “[Facebook] Hooking up with Chicks on Facebook”