#99 – How to buy Ski Poles

One of the most difficult things about the winter time is picking out the right ski pole. We here are are here to give you some advice straight from the ski pole pros at

Choosing a pole:

Step 1. – Expect to pay between $300 and $479 for a good set of ski poles

Step 2. – Check out a large selection of poles at your nearest dealer

Step 3. – Select a pole with strength. Most ski poles are made of aluminum, plastic, wood, or graphite

Step 4. – Decide what type of baskets you want on the bottom of your poles. Bigger baskets are more appropriate for softer snow, while smaller baskets suffice on hard-packed snow

Step 5. – Determine the kind of grip you want. Most poles come with cotton or nylon straps that go around your wrists. Some poles that I would not suggest getting have a plastic loop that encircles the grip and goes around the lip and back down and don’t feel all that comfortable

Step 6. – Make sure the grips and baskets are firmly attached to the poles We don’t want non-firm attachments here

Step 7. – Don’t search for good deals on good poles. Rental shops at ski resorts try to liquidate their ski gear at the end of the season, don’t be fooled by low prices

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