[Car Industry][OMG OH NO] GM says It will Kill off Pontiac as Part of Restructuring Plan

pontiac firebird hood firebirdCar enthusiasts everywhere are having heart attacks and strokes, frickin octal bypass. This is serious. The health of americas die hard car junkies is fading, fading fast. Just announced as part of their restructuring plan, GM has announced it will KILL its Pontiac line.

For the completely uneducated, this means No More Firebirds. The Pontiac Firebird is the lifeblood of americas car industry. Just take a look at the breathtaking photo accompanying this dreadful article.

Its unclear whether or not GM will actually follow through with this restructuring plan… but it most likely will if GM has any intention of not killing itself off.

Pineappleope.com will keep you posted. At least 3 members of Pineappleope.com rock Pontiac Firebirds, does this mean no more hood replacements? Time will tell