Everyone’s got ’em – totally stupid, assbreathed, dickhead douchbags.

“HOPEFULLY its YOUR code, and then I can hang out here longer and intrude your personal space and touch everything in your cube and pray that SARAHAAAHAHAAA comes in so I can put the moves on and YELL INTO YOUR EAR and continue to invade your personal space!”

It is a shame these people don’t just stay home. “TWO HOURS TO GO A MILE”. Hey,  you fcktard, you remember all those other cars you saw in traffic? It was probably all of us – we were in traffic TOO. Did we go yell it into YOUR ear? NO. So go walk into that traffic with your stupid ass hat – preferrably into the traffic that is MOVING.


Yeah, that’s right. The end of the world in this year. EVer. Its all going down, like that big ball, in just over a DAY. 

PAO has taken precautions, have you? We’re running out to the grocery store – every staff member – to stock our bomb shelter with all the 2008 milk, bread, and ice cream that we can get our grubby little hands on. Seriously folks, you cannot trust that shit from 2009 – there’s NO WAY of knowing what future food will be like.   Continue reading “HOLY CRAP, the END is NEAR”