[LIVE BLOG] Sept. 1st Moving Day

Couldn’t keep up with rent, so today is moving day. I am relocating. Relocation, also known as moving is the process of vacating a fixed location and settling in a different one. Often big corporations, such as Pineappleope.com, relocate their employees for short- to long-term assignments abroad. Quite often such relocation is supported by a special relocation Pineappleope.com personnel, who help internationally assigned personnel to look for a new house, jobs for children, conduct local culture training and in general terms support in integration into new society.

Having said that, lets get the live blog started:

8:00am: woke up put a pineappleope.com shirt on

8:14am: ate rest of food and condiments in fridge

8:16am: waiting for movers to show

8:34am: still waiting for movers to show, live-blogging the move

8:39am: dialed comcast to transfer service to new pad

8:41am: some angry comcast woman on the phone, wishes me a good afternoon

8:55am: …finished hearing about the latest deals, stick with current basic cable plan

9:10am: phone call from movers, stuck in traffic ETA 9:45am

9:15am: knock on the door. its some realtor… asks if i wake and baked and when ill be out.

9:17am: realtor seems ok with the 11ish departure. asks me to leave keys on counter and leaves

9:26am: looking for koi pond on android store

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