[Brazilian Fire Tornado] Nature’s equivalent of the middle finger

Yeah, here’s Momma Nature giving Brazil a big, fat, stinky, F-U!! That’s right, its a fire tornado. Straight outta your worst nightmare. Check it.

They sayers

  • If I had to die in a natural disaster I’d at least hope it’d be in something half as cool looking as that infernado.
  • its not fake lol its all over the news not only brazil i just saw it on the news in finland had to youtube that shit very cool stuff 😀
  • And FYI people there is a scientific reason for this. The warm air from the fire mixed with the cooler atmosphere. This created the tornado which managed to pull the fire into it creating it. We need to change but God won’t destroy us.
  • wtf is up with the world nothing but disasters :/ god is angry or its the end of the times