[Ads] Adbrite Finds Carrie Prejean too Mature

Wednesday night PAO received a disappointing e-mail from Tony Y. at Adbrite, it read as follows:



AdBrite’s Publisher Acceptable Use Policy does not allow any adult or mature
content. We have found that you have AdBrite ad zones on sites containing adult
or mature content, and this is a violation of our Subscriber Agreement. Due to
the severity of this issue, your account will not be reinstated.

For example: http://pineappleope.com/breaking-leaked-carrie-prejean-video-and-pics/

To view the Publisher Acceptable Use Policy, click here:

AdBrite’s Subscriber Agreement can be reviewed at: https://www.adbrite.com/mb/subagreement.php

Best Regards,

Tony Y.

Adbrite has been added to a growing list of backwards internet advertisers, again screwing PAO out of wads and wads of cash and screwing their own advertisers out of serious traffic.

Great Job Team