[Book Review] I have to GO. Sesame Street does it again!

Bringing adult subjects up with little ones is always a difficult topic. Whether its alcohol, drugs, or things like “why monkeys fling their poop” – parents often ask me how to broach the subject.

Oftentimes I recommend using literature. That way, your child cannot turn things around on you later in life – you know, the whole “I hate you for not telling me about hangovers!” kind of chat? Kids sure can be¬†wily! Never know how they will try to hurt you next.

This brings me to the Pineappleope April Mental Health Assistance Storybook of the Month (PAMHASM)! The good folks over at Sesame Street have created another surefire top seller in the 7-12 age group. “I have to go” covers several strong subjects with light hearted, fluffy creatures. Topics like “Why men sneak out after sexytime” and “Mommy left daddy for the milkman!”, as well as “I like when he pulls my hair”. The 97 page book opens up the pathways for you and your child to connect – emotionally and physically. Wait till you see the role-playing side of things!!