[Celeb Profile] Tennis Pro and Cocaine Enthusiast Martina Hingis

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Martina Hingis is done with tennis, shes Mostly known for her tennis skills. Why is she done tennis? Because of the lesser known fact is that Martina is a cocaine enthusiast.

*Martina Hingis tested positive for cocaine during Wimbledon in 2007
*Martina Hingis denied using the drug
*Martina Hingis was banned from tennis for two years for the cocaine offense
*Martina Hingis throws in her tennis towel and will not return to the sport after the ban

She said: ““My only performance enhancer is love of the game.”…. “and a little blow between sets”, claims our unnamed inside source.

Hingis is also well known for usually being outspoken and “sharp-tongued.” Probably due to cocaine binges on, and off the court.

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