[Tech Health Alert] 7 in 10 Computer Users Will Be Half Blind by Age 60 #pdf09

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Researchers at the Optical Researcher Vessel Indiana (ORVI) have spent the past 16 years researching the effects computer monitors have on the human eye. While the study remains inconclusive, the research suggests as many as 7 out of 10 computer users will lose half of their normal eye site by age 60. In other words, you’ll be half blind by age 60.

The investigation has taken such a long time, going on 17 years, because its near impossible to find out the long terms effects in a short term.

Several important key pieces of information can be taken from the study results so far, here is a sample:
– Avoid looking directly at your computer monitor
– Blink an average of 40 times per minute
– Wear sunglasses when using a computer
– Turn the monitor brightness down to 0, or if your monitor is analog, change it to the lowest setting