Red Bull pilot attacks and kills innocent Pelican in San Diego! [bird vs pilot]

pelican“As pilot Hannes Arch moved into second position in an exciting air race, he had no choice but to try a risky overtake of his nearest competitor. Sadly the pelican came off a distinct second best, with his leisurely flight brought to an abrupt end by the sound of roaring propellers and a quick finish. The grisly moment was captured during the last round of the Red Bull air race in San Diego yesterday. The pilot and the pelican both wanted to occupy the same air space, rounding the top of one of the pylons marking out the above-ground track. The poor creature was quickly torn to pieces by the collision, and Pilot Arch was also left feeling only slightly less shattered by the incident, which in many instances can bring down an aircraft. The pilot didn’t alter his course and continued to the finish line – although he lost his gold medal and came in third, blaming the loss on the bird strike. His plane was left with with a blood-covered hole on the right side of his plane’s tail.”