#1000 – Pineappleope.com Expands Beyond Earth

Today, mega corporation Pineappleope.com made headlines on the internet and in trade magazines around the globe, and in space. PAO met 1000.
pao rocket
This event certainly shattered records for the biggest single event ever, and will end up being one of the biggest events in universe history. This is an enormous test for the entire infrastructure of the web.

Today brings us more positive internal Pineappleope.com company news, the ‘PAO Fund for the Less than Fortunate‘ exceeded expectation and surpassed it’s goal. Yes, we are buying a company Yacht with the earned money. Your future is now:
yachting with PAO
Other facts about this:
1000 (one thousand) is the natural number following 999. One thousand is the lowest positive integer in which the letter A appears in the American English spelling.

Great Job Team

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