[UPDATE] The Weekender: Have a good weekend

To all the clients and users of Pineappleope.com… Have a good weekend. Looking back it was an even better week, un-toppable.

Great Job Team


Pineappleope.com staff, this is the GOOD WORD:

“Those pistachios in the break room rule! If you are responsible for getting them, thanks!” said PAO STAFF MEMBER

“Thank you.

I used to fill the jar on my desk once a day, and we went through a lot of candy. I’d buy 5 bags of each type of candy every week and we’d go through it. Chocolate is expensive, too. Now I fill the jar on my desk and the bowl in the “secret spot” 2-3 times a week. I buy 3 bags of each variety. I let it run down to the bottom. Otherwise, people pick out their favorites and some things are not eaten. Now everything is eaten

The pistachios are expensive, but I’m pressuring our vendor to give me a better price and I think he’ll comply. We will have pistachios on a regular basis.

If there’s anything else you like, let me know. ” said responsible for pistachios PAO STAFF MEMBER

It looks like we are going to continue to get these pistachios, tfg, its not going to be just a “friday thing” here at Pineappleope.com.

Again, Great Job Team