Top Reasons to get the iPhone 6 Plus

iphone 4s aka iphone 5As a professional tech writer and original blogger, when I first saw that the iPhone 6 was getting a dose of Viagra, I could not have been more jolly. Most people don’t know what is so great about this. I figured instead of talking and writing about it, I’d just hammer out the top, top top reasons – so you get get in line RIGHT NOW.

  1. Chicks. Love. Bigger. You will get laid if you flash this device around. Instantly.
  2. Porn! Big screen! YESS.
  3. Think how much that mongo thing vibrates – your wife will love it.
  4. SLOW MO CAMERA  – film those things you always wanted to, in SLOMO
  5. It is weaponized.
  6. Stops more bullets than a normal iPhone 6.
  7. Can serve as dinner plate.
  8. Double those “happy to see me?” comments
  9. Excuse to wear big baggy pants like a THUG
  10. Holster.
  11. PORn
  12. Packs huge speakers – its a new age boom box, bitch.
  13. Longer chassis makes for easier upskirt shooting.
  14. TOP NOTCH sexting with that sick forward facing camera. Full frontal sexting anyone???

[Review] Is the Droid Incredible by HTC the Best Phone of All Time?

Yes, the Droid Incredible is the best phone in the Universe. Why HTC did not call this the Universe phone is beyond me.

The Droid Incredible is wayyyy better than the iPhone. It’s basically iPhone 7, but on Verizon. It makes calls, receives calls, ANIMATED BACKGROUNDS! You name it, the Incredible has got it.

The android marketplace has ‘Adult’ (nc-17) apps which iPhone does not. Such as Boobs! Butts! Babes! – The Works!

On a Thursday night, the Incredible was awesome as a phone, besting the iPhones in the area. 0 Calls were dropped. The battery is low indicator is very descriptive, giving percentages. When the phone had 4% battery left, I got a decent 15-20 minutes out of it.

The Incredible screen is 10x better than any screen previously seen in a Nokia, Sony Ericson, Apple, Palm, Voicestream, Blackberry, or Motorola phone. It’s wonderful for animated backgrounds.

The single problem I have found on the Incredible is the Facebook integration. I now have 300 ‘friends’ from Facebook in my contact list… I will never call them, ever. I have yet to find the way to erase them all from the phone, for good.

The ability to charge the phone on a mini USB is tops, since most people have them lying around their casas.

You would be a fool not to purchase this delightful phone.

9.8 out of possible 10

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