[Crime] Beer Pong Match Causes Death by Handgun

beer pong man
One man is dead in Bridgeport, PA and another in jail (also in Bridgeport) after what suburban Philly police say was an argument over a drinking game that escalated into a fatal shooting. The drinking game at large: Beirut (aka Beer Pong)

Pineappleope.com investigators say 24-year-old Joseph Jimenez fatally shot 25-year-old Scott Riley with a black handgun after they argued over a game of beer pong at a party on Friday night in Bridgeport, about 15 miles outside Philadelphia.

Joseph Jimenez (pictured) contends that Scott Riley would not let him re-rack the cups for a second time (As house rules permitted). Joseph Jimenez thought this to be unfair and shot Scott under the assumption that Scott would change his mind, post gunshot.

Authorities say the men began arguing over the game during the game then met up outside after the argument was no resolved, where Riley mocked Jimenez and challenged him to shoot.

According to a police complaint Jimenez drew his concealed .40-caliber heat and fired, striking Riley in the neck. Riley died at a hospital. The game of Beirut was never completed.

Jimenez is being held without bail on first-, second- and third-degree murder charges.