[Genius] Become Smarter than Your Friends in FOUR steps – FOR FREE #

Genius1. Use your non-dominant hand
If you’re right-handed, use your left hand to eat, drink, comb your hair, and brush your teeth. Try whacking off or writing your name with your non-dominant hand. You can put your mouse pad on the other side of the keyboard.

Why does this work? Humans still don’t have the answer yet.

Improve your game: Try switching it up in sports. For instance, in tennis, switch the racquet to your non-dominant side and play.

2. Work out your brain
You have to use it or lose it! Just like your penis. You can work out your mind just like you work out your body.

Whatever mental exercise you choose, it is key to becoming smarter than regular people.

3. Move your fingers to improve your brain
Many people marvel that Asian children are so intelligent. Its because they use their fingers more frequently. Finger blasting is an easy way to move your fingers.

Here is an exercise you can do anywhere, at any time. Pretend your are at a keyboard, type your first name, then last, on your invisible keyboard.

Why does this work? Nerve endings on your fingertips correspond to more areas of the brain than any other body area. True.

4. Stimulate brain acuity with self-massage
Sit in a chair, lean your head back, and let it rest against the pressure of your thumbs and index fingers, go to your favorite adult oriented website, open up your mind, and self-massage.

Make sure to keep breathing at a steady pace.