[How To] Survive Any Flood

Floods are natural and cause major destruction and DEATH. With global warming, you can count on MORE floods. You have a 94% chance of encountering a flood during your lifetime. Prepare yourself, or wait for your inevitable death by flood.


Follow the Following to Save your Life, and Others:

1. Whenever there’s a flood watch in your area, evacuate the area immediately. If there’s an actual flood in your area, evacuate the area immediately.

724775319_7b60c8a3dd[1]2. Never walk through moving water; six inches can have a current too strong enough to knock you over. If you absolutely have to walk through flood water, use a wooden stick to test the ground. This is extremely dangerous and unadvised. Flood water can be electrically charged from power lines or underground sources. You can get shock/flood hybrid death.

3. Forget about driving in flooded areas. Your vehicle can be swept away in just two feet of water. If flood water starts rising around your car, get out and find higher ground on foot. Make sure you have a survival kit in your car for emergency situations. Get away from the water as quickly as possible. It could be contaminated with gasoline or pure sewage, and could make you violently ill.

4. Stay wary after the flood is over. Water pressure can weaken roads and building foundations, causing them to collapse under pressure. When you can safely drive home, disinfect belongings that came in contact with flood water. They could be covered in germs, raw sewage, and dangerous chemicals. Floods can be catastrophic, but remember, life is your most precious asset.

UPDATE: Unfortunately for the Philippians, this How To guide was published a little late. (ThX for the heads up junior34_boss)