[Social Health] Are you a Technosexual ?

Would you consider yourself a person with a sexual attraction to machinery? Or do you have a serious case of robot fetishism? You might very well be a Technosexual!


– A new study shows 6 out of 20 computer users, both male and female, prefer the company of an electronic device over that of a living being.

– 98% of woman technosexuals claim they prefer a vibrator to a man… But scientists believe the main reason behind this behavior is that they do not have a husband/boyfriend.

– 43% of technosexuals get sexually aroused by the sound of electronic bass.

– 8% of male technosexuals are attracted to only computer pornography.

– 35% of technosexuals seek out like-minded technosexuals at public places that offer a free WIFI connection

– Both Male and Female technosexuals spend several hours a day taking part in one of more of the following: heavy duty chat room activity, writing a Blog entry, or thinking of something witty and philosophical to post onto his/her favorite discussion board or newsgroup.

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