[wild mother nature] pregnant woman names son after bear attack

Talk about a not so Kablammo day. Das preggo chick, see? Car booboo das chick cuz she running away mon.

Over yonder Vincent Drive and Woodman Road in nearby Colorado Springs and around Thursday morning. Ashley Swendson was her name-oh! She preggo by 6 months mon. “I heard a rustle. I looked behind me and it was a bear – 2 feet away.” she said to LA Times reporter Tammy Vigil. “I freaked out and start running. It was chasing me for about 20 seconds.”
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Straight From the Trenches: Xmas Edition

Our Middle East Correspondence, Rambo:
(Minor edits have been made to hide identities)

Rambo: i got a Jelly of the Month Club from (boss),
he gave me 100 Dollar Xmas bonous

Pineappleope.com Reporter: HAHAHAHAHHAA

Rambo:fucking shit head
first year

Pineappleope.com Reporter: JELLY!?!??!!?
are yu kidding?!?!?!?!

Rambo: i had never gotten paid, and he gave me 100 bucks

Pineappleope.com Reporter:what an ass

Rambo: no no no ….

Rambo: Clark W Griswold got a Jelly of the Month Club membership
in Christmas Vacation
he was planning this awesome pool in his backyard
they didnt get the bonus
so he kidnapped his boss

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