[Study] Beach Sand is Bad for Your Health

Shocking results are in from a US research team in New Jersey: Beach sand is bad for your health.

Raw sewage, bird droppings, dirt and road runoff are just some of the contaminants present at your local beach— Playing in the sand can and is hazardous to your health. Depending on the extent of sand beach play, the health effects can vary.

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A new study, which assessed the health of more than 27,000 beach-goers over 4 years, found individuals who played in the sand had a greater risk of diarrhea, cancer, hiv and gastrointestinal illness than those who stuck to their towels.

It’s safer to play with an unloaded gun, walk the shore, or even swim than to play in the sand – people who partook in those activities had much lower rates of illness. Disgustingly enough, the researchers theorize that sickened sand-handlers get small amounts of fecal matter from the sand on their hands, which then makes its way into their mouths. “The beach is not a sterile environment,” said Richard Poncho, lead researcher.