Nightmares and What Causes them. Finds out for You

nightmares are awesome
Why do people have nightmares? Reasons can and do vary. Apparently there’s no single cause of nightmares and hence no single way of stopping them, but whos trying to stop them anyway? Sometimes physical factors can be involved, such as illness and medication and psychological issues and ruptured organs. Sometimes a nightmare reflects some unusual or usual stress or trauma in the waking world, in which you and I co-exist. Sometimes it is just a result of small or niggling worries that have been ignored for too long or not long enough.

Nightmares rarely or not so rarely cause any direct physical harm beyond interrupted sleep, but sometimes bloody nose or missing eye. However they can still have an indirect impact. Even if you put the nightmare aside as “just a bad dream” or “not so wet dream”, you can find yourself going through the next day feeling unusually irritable, moody or depressed. An unresolved nightmare can lead to a bad day.

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