[virus news] TechCrunch warns – “Be Careful If You Bing Jessica Biel”.

PLEASE NOTE: the issue is only if you BING her. Not BANG her. She is clean, in that respect. We know.. from experience.


Check out this article about the most dangerous celebrities to search for on the web. The opening line: “Be cautious if you plan to Bing Jessica Biel or Google Brad Pitt. A new report says you might get a virus.” Um, “Bing Jessica Biel”? Aside from it sounding oddly sexual (insert badda-bing joke here), it’s a little odd to see that on CNN.com before it has really entered the tech lexicon. Sure, Microsoft wants everyone to use it as a verb to be like Google, but there’s obviously a big difference between a company wanting something to happen for branding, and it actually happening.

Be Careful If You Bing Jessica Biel. Wait, What? .