[Q&A] Can a bald woman use a hair dryer effectively?

As a Doctor, I get questions about medical things very often. That’s why I like to share that information – I’m a Doctor. I know “my shit”, as urban terminology goes. ┬áToday’s question comes from young Felicia Anderstienenson from somewhere in Europe. She asked if “bald people can use a hair dryer”.

Well, little lady, I can’t say I fully understand what you are getting at. Its not like you have to be in a special club to use a hair dryer – a monkey could use one. So bald people aren’t excluded based on membership or anything like that.. but, I suppose, since they don’t have hair, they wouldn’t NEED a hair dryer. They’d need a “head dryer”. But would a head dryer differ? I think not. So.. to answer your question, you stupid asshole, YES.