[Dieting] What are the Effects of Not Eating Lunch?

Do you fall into either of these groups: ‘im not eating lunch to starve myself, im just an extremely picky eater’ or ‘i’ve been not eating lunch for the past 2 years to shave off some weight’? If so, PAO advises you to keep reading – If not, PAO advises you to skip to click the prize link below

The effects of not eating lunch can vary from person to person. Here are the usual effects felt by most lunchless eaters:

1. You’ll lose a considerable amount of weight
2. You’ll be hungrier than usual
3. You’ll want to eat more at dinner (if you decide not to skip it)
4. You’ll die of mealless-midai syndrome
5. You’ll feel like you should have eaten lunch
6. You’ll feel lethargic and have dark thoughts
7. You’ll end up losing your job, friends and family
8. You’ll be thinking about food the rest of the day
9. You’ll start eating stuff you normally wouldn’t eat
10. You’ll forget what lunch once was

If you’ve made it this far, your guaranteed to start lunching again… and we have a send off gift for you.

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