[How To] Survive Any Tsunami


For the ill-informed: A tsunami is a series of destructive and very dangerous waves that result from earthquake activity or some other type of underwater disturbance.

1) Prepare in advance. If you believe you are at you are at risk, prepare both an evacuation plan and a safety pack.

Assemble a safety pack: Food, water, swimsuit and First Aid kit are the basics required. Keep the safety pack on you so its easy to grab during the tsunami. It can also help to keep a foam cooler full of beers near the safety pack.

408769351_78974c63fd[1]Develop an evacuation plan: Know before hand how you are going to handle the tsunami, whether its taking it head on, or avoiding it all together.

2) Heed natural warnings. Natural warnings can indicate the imminent arrival of a tsunami. These may be the only warnings you will get. Natural signs that herald the possibility of a coming tsunami include: birds flying crazily, earthquake, large wave in the distance, and rapid fall of the coastline.

3) Abandon belongings. Save yourself, not your leather jacket. You will lose valuable time trying to retrieve things and belongings. Grab your safety pack, your foam cooler, your immediate family and leave immediately.

3) Don’t travel near the coast. Avoiding the coast is a sure way to beat a tsunami. If you aren’t near the tsunami you have a 78% better chance of survival.

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