[PAO Movie Club] This Weekend’s Movie Reviews: ‘9’ and ‘Sorority Row’


It’s a tough weekend for movies. You have the option of watching The Hills’ Audrina Patridge in ‘Sorority Row’ or the three D cartoon movie ‘9’.

PAO attended early screenings for both films last week in NYC. PAO Reviewers gave ‘Sorority Row’ a 8.5, while ‘9’ received a 4.

Hear what everone else is saying:

“Sorority Row does rollercoasters one better” -Jake Illsworth

“Audrina iz(sp) fuckin’ hot” -Tiffany Ames

“9 lacks the charm of Toy Story” -Gregg Funbourne

“Sorority Row is the MUST SEE of ’09” -Tom Payne

Sorority Row is Rated R for strong bloody violence, partying, language, sexuality/nudity and partying.

9 should be Rated PG but its Rated PG-13 for violence and scary images.


Spoiler Alert: Audrina Patridge dies in the very first few minutes of ‘Sorority Row’

Spoiler Alert: Audrina Patridge Naked: Continue reading “[PAO Movie Club] This Weekend’s Movie Reviews: ‘9’ and ‘Sorority Row’”