[tech news] PAO’s unlive WWDC blog! Apple! MAC! Iphone! OMG! #wwdc #apple #lame

Yup, PAO was there, watching someone else liveblog, so that we can unblog this event for you. WWDC is the Why Would Devices Crap event – a very exciting thing for the past several years Apple announces amazing things like Iphone Nanos and Ipods and Macbooks oh my.

iphone-keyboardNews is crushing the wire right now about how much it SUCKED this year. The “new” Iphone, aka, 3Gs – not to be confused with multiple “old” iphones 3G’s, is a whole big pile of baloney. Its faster and it has a compass. Otherwise, its no nano, it has no new buttons, no front-facing camera, is not a tablet, cannot dispense pez, or do anything else cool.

steve-jobsHell, Steve Jobs never even appeared. He was there and just never decided to get on stage – rumor has it, he had a Palm Pre and was playing some wicked apps on it. Why read the interwebs when its all a big pile of donkey crap? Here at PAO, we are going to have say BOO and wait for the actual Iphone Nano to come out. We thought they’d slip it in there today but not yet, I guess its still a bit shakey.

att_logo And there’s one more thing. AT&T – unable to provide MMS support for the phone. Still. Hey ATT, you had MMS for POS phones like 9 years ago – how is it possible you cannot do it today? So lame.

To summarize this event – PAO says – don’t be a sucker.