#199 – Count down to 2Hundo-eth Post

You Win
You Win
As we continue our count down to 200 posts, we count down each post thats posted. This post being #199. Wow. A year ago, Pineappleope.com staff thought this goal was inconceivable. Wrong

To Celebrate #199, Today, Pineappleope.com and Associates will more likely than not celebrate. More likely than not Pineappleope.com will reach 200 posts today.

In other news highlights, Pineappleope.com has just passed 420 comments today. Currently the stat is at 428 comments. You can consider that, along with Pineappleope.com’s consideration, that that is a major landmark.

Today will no doubt be remembered by all Pineappleope.com staff and its readers. more often than not.

Great Job Team