[iPhone] Apple Includes Several ‘Easter Eggs’ Into iPhone 3.0 OS Update #iPhone

iPhone owners have been clamoring for the new 3.0 iPhone OS update for months now. Today 3.0 has been released into the wild full of new features such as basic copy/paste functionality. Apple has also included several ‘easter eggs’ that will have iPhone and Apple fans celebrating for the next months. Here is the easter egg list so far:
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iPhone 3.0 OS Easter Eggs

1. Infrared spectrometer
2. Tire pressure gauge software (for future attachment?)
3. A dumbed down version of Apple’s Leopard LDAP Query Analyzer
4. Selectable animal SFX when scrolling in safari (giraffe is the PAO favorite so far, gorilla a close second)
5. New Apple/JockJoose Sports ticker (fully configurable in settings)
6. Several new animated smileys for text messaging
7. Pheromone Negatizer Software (for future attachment?)

…This list is growing. If you or a friend is a v3.0 iPhone user and would like to contribute to this list email: iphone@pineappleope.com