[Apple] Vietnamese Get their Communist Hands on iPhone 4G (VIDEO!)

AGAIN, Apple has lost its hands on the new iPhone – Clumsy Apple employees have lost the sacred iPhone 4G in a Vietnam opium den outside of Hanoi. The main actor in the video below claims he bartered $4000 worth of opium for full possession of the Apple wireless telephone.

PAO has verified that the phone in this video is in fact the new iPhone, and it certainly looks like the real deal, from the flat, glossy front and back panels to the new, flat aluminum edges, the front-facing camera, the camera flash in back, and the new microSIM slot, similar to the one on the just-released iPad.

When asked, the main actor in the above video said he could not confirm nor deny rumors about the iPhone running on Verizon.

Unfortunately, it looks like the handset refuses to boot; instead, all we can see on the display is a picture of a fireball and some apparent debug text in the bottom corner of the screen. May have been caused by amateur hacking.

One thing is for sure: The Vietnamese love the Bee Gees. How deep is your love

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