[Recap] Apple’s 9/9/09 “It’s only rock and roll” Event Recap

Apple’s Sept. 9th 2009 (a special date to some) event has come to a quiet close. Pineappleope.com was on hand live-blogging earlier today. PAO also got hands on with the few new devices Apple is set to release.

mac-babe-2[1]Overheard at the event

“GNARLY! A camera on the ipod! Hot damn!”

“Does Apple have hot booth babes?”

“Would the ipod classic still beat the ipod nano in a fight, considering its now slimmer and the nano has a spy cam?”

“… wheres the iphone color announcement?”

The Hard Facts:

– Apple has cheaper iTouch on the way $199 and $229

– New crappy game apps for iphone/itouch

– New version for iphone – nothing great, mostly bug fixes

– New itunes – more of the same for existing itunes users

– Cheaper shuffle, new colors (OOoooH!)

PAO readers, along with PAO staff, have been vocal regarding the suckiness of today’s apple event. Thoroughly unimpressed all around.