Chinese Triple Penis Wine – Review tyme

Pilose Antler And Penis Wine

Product Description
Main material: Deer pilose antler, deer penis, pizzle, dog penis, ginseng, matrimony vine, schisandra fruit, barrenwort.


Actually this is a pre-review. We caught in a vicious cycle. Need to go China first, however, we need 3-dick wine to get to China. How to review. No fists pumps. Need penis in wine.


    Deer pilose antler

  • Invigorating the gumption
  • Tonicity the spleen and lung
  • Increasing immunity fuctions and vital resistance
  • Effects in improving learning abilites and endurance
  • Promote metabolism
    Deer penis

  • Tonic to kidney and promote energy
  • Improvement of various vital fuctions
  • Effective for men
    Pizzle and dog penis

  • Effective for men
    Matrimony vine

  • Tonic to kidney,liver and eyes;
  • Effects for lumbalgia;
    Schisandra fruit

  • Promoting the production of body fluid to quench thirst;
  • Nourishing the vitality and health;
  • Kidney supporting function and soothe the nervous;

  • Tonic to kidney and promote energy
  • Effect for rheumatic, arthritis, lumbalgia